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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

I think people are giving marvel studios too much credit.

Let's consider

Iron Man-So why are they even setting up avengers Initivate?And what larger universe.At that time before Iron man super heroes haven't been seen since WWII
The Increidble Hulk-They Ignored a lot of setup.Shield helps army take down hulk and army wanted to get secrets of Hulk from banner.All dropped In the avengers.Plus Stark meeting with Ross proved to be nothing
Iron Man 2-they can't get the ending to acknowledge Stark visited Ross later In the hulk since they claimed they only wanted him as consulant
Thor-Joss whedon directed the post scredits scene yet It conflicts with begining of
The Avengers-reports say the original Zack Penn script was even more based on the ultimates than final film

It also has been said Chris nolan on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight didn't have the foggest Idea what would happen next.So at end of dark Knight he had Batman take blame for Two face's crimes and had no Idea how to get out of that.

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