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Default Re: The INTERVIEWS Thread (Cast and crew)

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
They have been told not to say anything.

Cast for X-Men films are rarely announced till month or 2 before filming begins.

Actors can mislead people.karl Urban said point blank Gary Mitchell was villian of Star Trek:Into Darkness.
Aaaaand like I said before, you can just say, "I can't say anything", and reporters will accept that; NDAs are pretty standard and no interviewer in their right mind is going to lose their job over harassing an actor for details that fall into that category.

They should really try to be building hype for this film; they saw at the First Class box office what happens if you don't market well or enough. Interest in "X4" aside, the vast majority of people who are going to see this are people who want to know what happens after the events in First Class. Making it seem like key secondary characters might not be in the film is really not a good way to rally excitement. Saying January Jones is back as Emma, or Caleb Landry Jones is back as Sean, that shouldn't be left until they start "announcing" stuff. That should've been up there with the announcement of the main four returning "Want to welcome back MF, NH, JL, JM, and the rest of the X-Men and Brotherhood cast from First Class".

All these FC folks NOT knowing if they're going to be in it is making Singer & co look bad. If by this point they haven't contacted all the actors, it shows a lack of respect for those actors and the other projects they might have taken on if they weren't waiting around for the call. If they already HAVE contacted all the actors and these folks aren't in it, it shows serious disrespect for what First Class set up.

Like I said, X1-3 actors using the vague line about not having heard that they're in it makes sense as a secret strategy. For the FC actors they shouldn't have to, and I get the feeling they're not lying when they use it.

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