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Default Re: The INTERVIEWS Thread (Cast and crew)

If DoFP is set partly in he 60s after the events of First Class, then the cast of First Class have to return, or their absence has to be explained. For key cast members to just be missing is not acceptable.

I would imagine Emma Frost has to be in this story, probably taking the place of Destiny in the original comic (if it is following the story of the original comic and not going in some other direction altogether, which is very possible).

But January's answer could have been a bit better phrased/rehearsed, if in fact she is in it. She made it sound like she definitely isn't in it.

I can understand that cast members don't want to announce their return in an interview with Collider, or any other blog or gossip site. The casting news will come from Bryan Singer or from Fox itself. But the actors' answers could be more carefully worded.

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