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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Back to the Blu-Ray set for a sec, I wish they'd do a set with the packaging of that X1 DVD concept from a few years back. Anybody remember (think it was around the time TLS was coming out)? It was in a X-Uniform themed packaging. I loved it---I think that kind of packaging would make for a perfect set.

its really exciting how this franchise keeps growing year after year
I really can't believe its about 12 1/2 years since X1!...I remember the hype and hoopla for that film and still have figures of the X1 figures---

---I think its also impressive that the series hasn't run into some of the hurdles of other film series like Major recasting (First Class & Origins don't count IMO) or the reboot syndrome (depending on how you look @ First Class and the following films I guess), but this is my opinion.

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