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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

THis was posted on the IMDB board for Thor 2, so take with a grain of salt if you wish, but apparently there was a Disney conference in London with some Thor 2 footage shown.

I'm not sure what to say without giving too much away - but I guess I could give you guys one shot to talk about.

Loki, wearing what I can only describe as 'tramp clothes', with a very scraggly beard (think Christian Bale in Batman Begins, when he stole the fruit to survive) sat and slumped against the wall of a white room, yelling manically to himself.

I don't know who he was yelling at (if anyone) or why he was yelling, but it looked very interesting. It's a sort of flipped parallel to Avengers, when he was captured - only this time, he's not particularly enjoying being a prisoner and he's not being treated well.

Also the footage looks very Game of Thrones like. E.g. lots of battle scenes, involving horses, Thor hammering the sh** out of everything, stuff like that. It looked very MEDIEVEL.

Anyway, imma shut up now. But any questions about the footage I've just described I'll happily answer.

I'm not on IMDB, but if anyone is, and wants to ask this person some questions, please PM me as I have a couple questions in mind.

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