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Default Re: Uncanny Plot Similarities between The Dark Knight Rises & Batman Begins (SPOILERS

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
That's a good call, I hadn't thought of that one. I was more focused on how the bats originally appeared at the bottom of the well which is where he originally "found fear", and now at the top of the pit "fear finds him again". I love that because it kind of makes the bats like his guardian angels in a sense,; they help him on his journey to master fear. But I like your way of looking at it too, because in both cases he is definitely facing a trial.
A trial set before him by the League in both cases too.

I think both perspectives are accurate. The pit seems like it was meant to reflect all of the fear and hardship Bruce went through before, as well as his original determination and rage.

And of course his father's lesson.

Why do we fall?
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