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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Cap was completely lifeless for me. Partly because of the hack that directed it, Mr. Joe Johnston and partly because of the digital photography. If your name isn't Fincher, Boyle, or Deakins, please don't use a digital camera to film your movie. Or at least learn how to make the image "pop" before you do. The Star Spangled montage is the only time I actually enjoyed the film. I liked Thor much more, though that film is also far from being great. One would think a God of Thor's caliber deserved to save a place less pathetic than wherever that small town was.

I hope Zach Snyder show's how a God saves people and their properties.

Alan Moore on comics:

They've lost a lot of their original innocence, and they can't get that back. And, they're stuck, it seems, in this kind of depressive ghetto of grimness and psychosis. I'm not too proud of being the author of that regrettable trend.

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