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Default Re: Webbing formula - Part 1

Originally Posted by JMA610 View Post
I can try to put up some sketches maybe saturday after all of my exams are over. Also, assuming that I did as well as I think I did on my chem. final, I have a pretty good understanding now of how the formula has to be and what it can look like drawn on paper. Are there any special rules for drawing bonding diagrams for polymers wadaltmon? I have a general idea, but its still a little ahead of what I'm learning. Thanks!
I know what you mean about the semester final exams. Bleh. I have my AP Chem final tomorrow, as well as Weight Training (meaning I show up and get an A ). By the way, if you have the chance to take AP Chem, thinking it will help with the web shooter, don't. It hasn't helped so far, I don't think it will except a little bit with an organic unit at the end.

How polymers are drawn? Depends on if you have ions in your formula, how many monomers you have, if it is going to be considered organic, if any of the elements used can be hypervalent, etc. If you have ions, just make sure to put the appropriate amount of electrons on the central atom in the covalent bond. And remember, monomers can bond separately if their effective nuclear charge is not balanced (all 0s) per bond site atom. Organics, nothing special really with those... just a lot of carbon bonding to stuff, but carbon can bond in a hexagonal or pentagonal pattern. Look up the Lewis structure for caffeine, you'll see what I mean. And remember, atoms can be hypervalent if they are in group 3 or later of the periodic table.

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