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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

this is like ridiculous, just think about all this. These things have gone WAY beyond be excited for simply a movie. Like, the MCU has gone way beyond being A MOVIE, and a SEQUEL, it's literally like an on going story, its not like..I cant wait for that movie to come out. It's like, I can't wait what comes next, and what will happen because of that, and what will happen here to bring the avengers together again. It's geniusly done, and In my opinion, the MCU has gone far beyond being JUST MARVEL movies, like spiderman 1 2 3, or movies like, batman 1 2 3, I think it is at the point where Marvel has simply has created another "alternate universe". We have marvel's 616 universe, we have their ultimates universe, we have their zombie's universe, and now, we have a film on screen universe that has canonality (if that's a word)

essentially, my mind is blown, and I am amazed with what they have done. Sorry to bring this up, but it finally hit me. a lot of people really don't understand what marvel is doing there and how big it is and how unprecidented it is..what they are doing right now is flat out amazing, no film studios have done anything like this

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