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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
I thought he might have been relating the events in CA:TWS to TA2 the way CA:TFA was related to The Avengers. Specifically, the Tesseract was found by the Red Skull in CA:TFA, then became the focus of Loki's schemes in The Avengers; so another cosmic MacGuffin might be introduced in TWS that will directly influence TA2.

We already know that Arnim Zola, who worked with the Tesseract, will be in TWS. In the comics, A.I.M. was able to create a Cosmic Cube/Tesseract on Earth. The Cube/Tesseract was a part of the Winter Soldier story in the comics, so it would make sense for his handlers to try and make another in the film. Zola could possibly attempt to recreate the Cube, or he could find some other Asgardian artifact of cosmic significance. The Infinity Gauntlet was glimpsed in Odin's vault; it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Loki removed it while he sat on the usurped throne of Asgard and it ended up on Earth. Loki is perfectly capable of secreting the gauntlet (or the Infinity Gems) away in hopes of retrieving it to use in his schemes.
I doubt they're going to rehash the Tesseract again....they got all the mileage out of it in Phase One. And people who are trying to stretch "Six Infinity Gems + One Gauntlet = Seven Things Worth the Price of Admission" are getting, well, creative with their math. In any event, I strongly doubt that Feige would imply that a simple macguffin(s) would be the selling point(s) for Avengers 2.

People go to Avengers to see who's part of the team, and how they all work together/play off each other. It's natural that Feige would be emphasizing the roster as the selling point this early in the game (and later in the game, too). The things that would be worth the price of admission are the *players.*


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