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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
The thing is , time continuity is completely irrelevant in these movies. Nolan treats time in this series , in a very diffuse way. That's why the time elapsed between movies (and even during movies) is not detailed. Its not something that brings a point. Every sequels carries a lot of stuff from the previous movie , yet time itself is dismissed. Even the 8 years , they exist to bring something out of the character , to accentuate a trait of Bruce's persona but he doesn't try to explicitly show us that time elapsing , and how it occurred . We know time has passed , and how Bruce reacted. The movie itself show us he has been Batman long enough. If it was 1 year or 3 years between Begins , TDK , or how things really worked out after Dent's fall , that's not something the director intended to show or develop.

That's why this exercise of trying to solve the puzzle of time with bits of pieces and info in the movies , ends up being completely incomplete. Because that's how Nolan intended to treat time in these movies.
Nolan did develop events in those time intervals, and he leaves enough clues for such events and to set things up. For example on TDKR , the choice of 8 years serves to get us to that moment of Bruce's life and the consequences of his acts. But there is also state what happened in that interval. Bruce heals physically (to an extent, remember the tremendous beating he took on the previous film), the truth of Harvey Dent being uncovered leads to him being hailed as a hero and Batman as a wanted criminal, the consequential Dent Act gives the police the tools to erradicate organized crime and renders Batman without a purpose. Bruce decides to put his mind on the energy project (attracting Miranda Tate's attention), later he finds out that the project is too dangerous, that failure is the last straw and recluses himself in the mansion. That information is shown to the viewer on the context of TDKR.

Same between Begins and TDK: Batman is taking down the mob with aid of Liutenant Gordon and hunting down the remaining Arkham inmates that were set free, also giving the remaining population the antidote for the fear toxin. The Joker begins his rise to power, Harvey Dent is elected district attorney, Bruce Wayne moves to the city. Batman's actions lead the mob to the breaking point. This is shown to the viewer on the context of TDK and elaborated more on the viral marketing.

There are other details that I like too, like the reconstruction of the monorail.


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