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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by night0205 View Post
I don't know why people are trying to say that Origins: Wolverine isn't part of the series cannon. It's an X-men film that explains Wovlerine's origin. Whether you like it or not, how is it not canon? Because of Emma Frost? Well, I don't remember them even calling that little girl Emma Frost in the Origins movie. And she was the sister of Silverfox? Wouldn't her last name be silverfox if she was her sister? I think they will just say it was a different character to begin with. She doesn't even have all of Emma Frost's powers anyways. There are continuity errors in most of the x-men movies, singling out Wolverine because you don't like it, can be your personal opinion, but can't count for anything as far as the series canon goes.
The major issues lie with this: We see a walking older Charles Xavier, which would be impossible, given that since FC is supposed to definitely be cannon, Charles was injured as a much younger man.


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