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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

They are doing all they can to distance themselves from Origins.

1:They are still talking about about doing Deadpool according to Mark Millar that will Ignore deadpool In Origins.

Possibly recon out-Ryan Reynolds Is only called Wade In film.So they may pull the Emma recon of that not really being Deadpool.That assums deadpool Is made

2:Teenage Cyclops Is In film.That causes trouble for future first Class sequels to Introduce Cyclops

3:Walking Xavier comes out of plane

Possibly recon out-The Bluray explantation of Xavier using mental projection of himself to escapes from Stryker's prison Including teenage Cyclops can work here.

Wolverine using Bone claws Is from comics.Allthough that was recon done to allow Wolverine to still have claws when Magneto riped out his adamanturm.

And seeling all 5 X-Men films In Bluray package doesn't prove anything.They are selling the first James Bond films In package with rebooted films.Noone on these boards besides me think that Is stupid since reboot means all films didn't happen.So If they can do that Fox can sell all X-Men films together even If they are kinda Ignoring Oriigns.

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