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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Cap's stance on Banner is comparable to SHIELD, and everyone else. He thinks Banner is of use, and a good man, but is weary of him turning into the Hulk.
I never said Cap was the only one who does this. Everyone does. Like I said, it's meant to contrast personalities. Loki is the only one who makes fun of Banner because Loki is an actual jerk and everyone else isn't.

Absolutely and utterly false.
Tony definitely wanted the cube:

Cap: He's a friendly?
Doesn't matter, if he frees Loki or kills him the tesseract is lost.

And then when he is fighting Thor, who is going to take the tesseract away, Tony: He gives up the cube he's all yours; until then, stay out of the way.

And then when they do locate the cube right before everything hits the fan, he's the one who's eager to go get it. Stark wants it, Thor says it belongs on Asgard, Cap tells him not to go alone, and then Stark threatens him.

3 different times it is referenced that Stark wants the cube. He doesn't want to see it go back to Asgard.

Actually, no. Cap falls for it as much anyone, inspite of him thinking Loki is winding them up, he falls for it. He discovers the HYDRA weapons, learing that SHIELD is making WMDs, leading to schism among the Avengers and SHIELD. Which is what Loki wanted.
I will give you this. But it doesn't change the fact that Cap was on the money from the beginning.

Except that says more about Tony's growth as a person than it does about Steve.

The legend of Cap is that of a soldier. He didn't really live up to the legend until he was on the ground, directing the battle, AFTER Tony gave that little speech.
But my point is that this change in Tony had to come from something. He doesn't change for no reason. He changes because Cap was right, Tony f-ed up and Coulson died. Not only that, but like I said, he was the one jumping all around helping him fix the engine, and fought off multiple baddies.

And loosing.

I don't expect Cap to win, but he went in, expecting to be able to take Loki down, but got thrashed instead. You actually see him panicing the moment his first blow fails to have an effect. It didn't feel as brave is felt like Cap didn't really know what he was getting into.
It doesn't change the fact the he confronted him. The outcome doesn't matter. In fact I think you could argue it is more brave to confront someone you don't know anything about, rather than wait and learn about them. Stupid, maybe, but brave. But it didn't matter, because they didn't have time to do that. SHIELD needed someone to go take Loki in. Cap stepped up.

Cap wasn't the only one saying the cube doesn't belong on Earth. Thor said the same, and unlike Steve, he emphasized it. Steve mentions it once, and drops it.
There was no need to emphasize it. They didn't even have the cube. He already stated his position. If they had retrieved the cube, maybe he would have harped on it some more. But they had to find it before they could decide what to do with it.

Maybe I am reaching. But I was mighty impressed by the way Whedon wrote Cap into the movie. I would have liked more, but I am guessing he do something even more brilliant in the sequel.

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