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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

I'd also add that Bruce was not only paralyzed by his inability to be Batman, and the failure of his energy project, but also by not letting himself find love, as he made Rachel his 'one chance for a normal life'. He had no purpose in any aspect of his life, thus leading him to become a recluse, waiting for things to wrong again, to give him a sense of purpose.

(and note that all 3 aspects that shut Bruce down are based on lies. The lie of Harvey Dent, the lie that his energy project failed, and the lie that Rachel chose Bruce)

By the end, the truth had surfaced, painful as it was, but necessary, and Bruce was able to give the city its true symbol of hope and bring it out of apathy (and a protector in case things go wrong again), he succeed in "Bruce Wayne's" philanthropic efforts with the boys' home, and was able to let himself find love again (first with Miranda, and then with Selina, when Talia lay a bombshell on him that could have had him regress, had it not been the quick arrival and reminder of others like Selina).

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