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Default Re: What "style" should the Dr. Strange movie be?

Originally Posted by JustSomeGuy View Post
This has me more excited than anything. Feige wants to attempt to make different types of movies, depending on who the character is. Not the same tried and true, summer action movie. And it is very clear that the style of movie they make reflects the character, he has already proved that with his choice of directors.

GdT would probably make an amazing Dr. Strange movie. If it isn't him, I hope someone similar. Lovecraftian is a good way to put it. I want a Space/Fantasy/Horror epic.

Marvel has a history of going with directors who are either unproven, unconventional or not "safe" picks. (Some of that is because up til now established directors have passed on Marvel's projects.) GdT would be a very conventional pick for Doctor Strange, oddly enough, even if he weren't already attached to a "dark and mystical" Justice League spinoff.

Marvel might try to lure Tarsem Singh, a director of visually interesting but less than successful films like The Cell and The Fall. Singh's style would fit well with Strange, IMO. With the close and careful supervision that Feige and his team give to every film, Singh's shortcomings as a storyteller could be curtailed while his vivid use of imagery is exploited.

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