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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

lol you aasked, this is just a summary

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
my most detailed on probably wouldn't interest you guys that much, as it was about Avengers 2. But it primarily involved an ai network, ultron, creating the vision, who is weary of thanos, and the avengers think he is full of crap. Long story short, the end up resetting the vision, who now is good, and they shut down the ultron ai. Now, warning of thanos happens, and ultron's ai is back. It needs to be destroyed, and vision knows where it is. He warns them that when he was being built, the ai was building another body. Long story short, the avengers go to the location, where they get attacked by guns and stuff. After, they are all pretty beaten up, and there is a blank screen. Ultron's voice comes over it and delivers this EPIC speech to the avengers, and to the world, and there is a compilation of people all over the world watching this long speech about how humanity is flawed and how he has best interest for the planet, they go inside, and ultron (in his classic body) is in a chair. something happens between ultron and vision, vision basically says you are turning human, big fight, they stop ultron. Movie almost ends, thanos comes out of no where, like...a spaceship comes out of the sky, and thanos jumps down, and kicks all the avengers asses. hulk tackles him, and pummels him into the ground, thanos mocks him, and tells him he wants to fight just him, cause he hasn't tested his hand to hand combat in ages, they fight, thanos starts to get the better of hulk physically, so they all attack him, thanos goes all out, uses all his powers and beats all the avengers, cap comes in with some of Thanos' tech, shoot him, tides turn, they fight, and he is almost defeated. he is outside the room ultron was in, and he looks towards the door, stark tells him not to make a move, thanos smiles, and runs at them, they blast him, he goes flying into another room, and land next to ultron, looks at him, takes something off his own waist, some device, and says "imbiciles of earth", and opens ultrons chest, then the camera shows the avengers, walking him out, thanos has a smirk, creates a huge blast, and he escapes and tells them not to worry, and Ironman says dont bother attacking earth again, cause it doesn't matter, they will stop him, and thanos says "you think my objective is something as pathetic as your planet, I know you are deemed a genius here, but you can't possibly comprehend the intellect I posses." cue after credit scene later, Chthon (the the other is chthon in this dream...btw, this is just a brief desription of this movie based on a few dreams I've had lol) anyway, he asks thanos if he got what he needed (dont feel like xplaining my gotg dreams lol) and thanos smiles and walks away, we see he pulls out the powergem, then puts it on the IG. end. lol this is just a summary

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