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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

I have been saying many Tv shows and franchises take liberties with what Is said In dialogue about past.X-men Is hardly the first.Bryan Singer allowed liberties to be taken with first Class.He said that directly as first Class was coming oout.It was prequel with
liberties taken.Star Trek In first season gave several referenses In first season to enterprise being ship of group not the federation.Unmtill Star Trek Trek II they gave Indiaction Star Trek Star Trek was set anywhere from 22 to 29th century.Even In Star Trek II after they clearly has a In 23rd century at beging Khan asyas he was prince 200 years ago.That would be In 22rd century.

Beast was on Tv for 30 seconds In X2.That was an easter egg.The Last Stand already Ignored that so singer and Matthew Vaughn was free to also Ignore that.Singer likes beast and had wanted to use him but buget limit forced him not to In X-Men.

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