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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

Originally Posted by gwynplaine View Post
Never liked the character, just like I don't care for Robin. I prefer Joker and Batman to be loners, the flip side of each other, the "you complete me" thing done so brilliantly in TDK.
But of course, to each their own
Also in terms of the look of the Joker,I think they should go back to the source. My avatar partly inspired the creation of the character, maybe they should do something closer to that visually. I want him to be skinny and scary like in TKJ.
most people do, but robin's already had 3 (technically 4 depending on how you wanna count it ) movies. seems a bit unfair for joker's henchwench not to have one.

i agree on how he should look. i've been thinking the same thing.

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Comic fans will always defend the hot chick with the rack, unless said chick was divorcing someone like Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy.
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