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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

With news that J.j. Abrams Is doing next Star Wars I thought It was Intresting to note similaries

Bryan revived genre of comic Book movies with X-Men while Abrams revived
Star Trek

Bryan Did Superman returns a tribute to one of his favorate films while Abrams has been doing films Influenced by his favorate things.He was Mission Impossible fan(It Inspired ALias) He tried to turn Star Trek Into Star Wars,and with SUper 8 he was basiclly trying to do a Steven spielberg film and now He Is actully doing a Star Wars film.

Bryan produced first Class when he was unable to direct.Abrams produced Mission Impossible Ghost Protocal and next sequel and Is expected to do same with followup to Into Darkness

Bryan was unfamilar with X_Men tell getting Into as preparing to devolp X_Men.Abrams wasn't very familar with Star Trek.even though at times he tried to claim he was.

Bryan wasn't able to do third X-Men film because of Superman.Abrams Isn't Directing followup to Into Darkness because of Star Wars.

Bryan directed Superman returns which Internet fanboys continue to use to bash him while Abrams wrote a god awful Superman Reimaging script where many want to forget so they can continue to praise him.

Bryan had cameo In Star Trek Nemesis and proposed a new Trek series with Bryan Fueller before Abrams was hired.

While In Star Trek subforum Bryan was attacked as not real filmmaker while Abrams Is viewed as real filmmaker.

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