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Default Re: New director for Star Trek 3?

Originally Posted by Pink Ranger View Post
I like Bryan Singer, but I have this sinking feeling that we'd wind up with another Insurrection with him (a movie I liked, but most Trekkies think is one of the worst). Singer's best and worst trait is that he can take broadly powerful and fantastical characters and tell very small, human-centred stories with them, which is very much a hit and miss affair.
I always thought of Insurrection as a bad movie, but a really good episode. That's basically what it is in the end. A stretched out episode.

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
I guess that's good to hear.

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
It means he won't be directing.This will be like his TV shows.His name remains as producer but he has little Involvement.

I would have no problem with Kurtzman/Orci and Damon Lindeloff writting next film without much Involvemnet from Abrams.While I didn't like the so called flashsideways of Lost's final season I have never joined In the hate on him.I didn't hate Prometheus.I didn't like the game they played or rathe ror not It was Alien Prequel.Just like I don't like the game they are playing with Into Darkness' villain.The three of them are responable for any real connection to real Star Trek.They were fans of various degrees.

Kurtzman-Fan of original series and trek 1-4
Lindoloff-fan of original and Next Generation
Glad to hear they are fans!

Originally Posted by Superhero Hype! View Post
SHH finally makes a Star Trek forum... helmer leaves for Star Wars
That is pretty funny lol... mere coincidence. OR IS IT? jk

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