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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

People on message boards don't speak for general audence.

Star wars prequels were very sucessfull.There Is younger audence who became aware of Star wars becaus eof prequel.Star wars Is divided to 3 groups 1:Those who loved original
2:Those who loved prequels(Yes they do exsist) 3:Small group(Including me) who liked both.

Superman Returns actully got decent reviews.It was sucess at box office(It beat X-Men,First Cass,and origins)

even though I am no fan of Michael Bay's transformers I will admit there Is audence for
them.And those who liked them.And there are people who liked Superman returns,Star wars prequels,and Indiana Jones and TKOCS.

As a fan of batman I don't like some decsions Nolan made.But as a film I still place It among my top 10 comic book films but not as high as Batman begins and The Dark Knight.

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