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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Just because someone signs a 6 film deal it does not automatically mean they will b in 6 films. It is done so Marvel can keep their options open. Ruffalo may only appear in 3 Avengers and one Hulk film and if that happens and he no longer wants the part after A3, he would easily be able to fix that with Marvel.

Heres what I want for phase III- Ant-Man, Dr Strange, Planet Hulk, Thor 3, Cap 3 & A3. I'd also prefer if they held off on the Infinity Gauntlet story till A3 so deals could be worked out with Fox and Sony so FF, the surfer & Web-head could appear and it could be done right. Just please no Jackman Wolvie-he sucks.

And there is no way in hell RDJ, Evans or Hemsworth will stay after 6 films each. I just prey Marvel keep one continuity and never reboot.

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