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Default Re: Anime that would make great film adaptations

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I disagree about those, all three of them can start with a one-shot film that's not asking for a sequel, and have the potencial to be big films. One Piece, while it's certainly the best shonen right now and has an amazing story would only be possible if a lot of money was put into it's production, the people behind it were huge fans, and they had vizionary creative minds behind it.

I don't see that happening anytime, casting the OP characters wouldn't be as difficult though, since the only main character that should be cast as japanese is Zoro, as stated by Oda Luffy would be brazilian.

DB could be a road movie on that incredible universe where a young boy discovers the world for the first time, Naruto can start with Zabuza arc, and Bleach could adapt until the end of gran fisher. WOuldn't adapt Fairy Tail, it doesn't bring anything new the other animes already do
I just can't see it. Not only they're way too long and thus it would take forever to tell the whole story (and you would have to film them back to back in the case of something like One Piece if you don't want your actors to age by much) but there are some things in those animes that work best in that medium and I just can't see being done in live-action.

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