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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by Specter313 View Post
I'm sorry, but that's just making excuses for her. Frost was on screen enough and had enough lines where any actress who wanted to could have injected enough life/sass/*****iness to emulate Frost from the comics enough where it would have at least been satisfying to have at least seen her on screen. Jones did none of that. Instead she came off bored and aloof, like she didn't even want to be there. It's not the amount of lines that a character has, it's how you deliver them that counts.
I have to agree with this.

From the moment that Alice Eve went from being the front runner (which would've been inspired casting for Emma Frost on the same levels of Patrick Stewart/Xavier), I knew this character was going to be poorly developed. And that's because I am a huge fan of Mad Men and I know January Jones' acting levels from all those seasons. She's good there. But she was terrible here. Just because she's blonde and a popular actress doesn't automatically mean she's a lock for the character (see Halle Berry/Storm).

Emma Frost is a cunning, sassy witch with a heart. You love to hate her in the comics. I just hated her in First Class.

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