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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

I get some points... but even if Singer is back on his franchise, this doesnt give him the right to drop half the cast of First Class.

Thats not right. however anyone wanna see it.

First Class gave new life to the franchise. It gave us a group of new characters, familiar characters to the fans and new characters to the general audience, but still all are part of X-men comics history of 50 years.

Each character from First Class has its fans, so to drop 4 or 5 characters on the sequel is disrespectful to the fans and general audience who went to watch the prequel and loved it.

I want to have faith on Singer and Kimberg, so I'll wait a few months to see what happens with all this mistery, but if 4 or 5 characters from FC arent returning, Im gonna be really dissapointed with Singer, and probably more than Ive ever being with any director.

I hope this doesnt happen. fingers crossed

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