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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
So, started to wonder what this means for phase 3 overall. obviously there could be more than 5 or 6 films, but somethings bound to get cut.

Doctor Strange
Thor 3
Cap 3
Avengers 3

Thats already 5. And hardly leaves much room for those that some people want.

Black Panther
Captain/Ms. Marvel
GotG 2
Hulk 2
Iron Man 4
Hulk 2 or GotG have the best chance imo.

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I think you're quite wrong about many things here.

Mainly, the MCU is as big as it can be because of budgeting and over-saturation. Why would they want to do more than 2 movies a year and burn people out on the idea of marvel heroes? They do 4 movies a year, less people go see each individually, they run out of unique characters and franchises much sooner and less money is made overall.

If Marvel/Disney had access to F4 and X-Men it wouldnt make the MCU bigger, it would detract from the roster they have currently. Less focus would be paid to Captain America and Thor. We might never see Ant-Man or the GotG. And forget about Dr. Strange and Black Panther.

Fox can have X-Men for all i care. That franchise is so far gone by now and it would hardly fit in with the tone of the MCU. If they want to make another honest attempt at a F4 movie, I say let them. I'd just prefer them not mix it in with the FUBAR X-Verse. Let Marvel focus on the things they've gotten right so far.

It's the same story with Spider-Man. Though I'm all for future F4 and Spidey cameos/easter eggs. But that's a personal opinion.
Whether or not the characters get movies it would still expand what the MCU could do if they had the properities. First of all, I think even if they did have FF they would still have been able to do Cap and Thor movies. But even if they couldn't, it wouldn't hurt to have the rights to characters that Fox owns. It's not just about how many movies they can put out, it's about what they can use in those movies. Because of Fox we basically are missing the beginning of the MCU's Heroic Age, the cosmic side of the MCU is severely gimped in comparison to the comics, we're missing Latveria and Doom which are both important to the Avengers lore, and certain mutants/mutant elements ARE important to the overall MCU like the Phoenix Force, Scarlet Witch, the Shai'r, etc. I agree that in principle it's not a bad thing to have X-Men and Spider-Man movies be separate from what goes on in the MCU in terms of Avengers stuff especially so we can get more Marvel movie per-year, but a lot of the characters and races that Fox holds are important to the MU.

That said, I'm not saying it's detrimental to the MCU, it just sucks we can't have all these nice things.

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