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Originally Posted by SpideyVille View Post
I wouldn't go as far to say she was miscast,since they cast a black Pete and had a new character in Chloe, so it was clear they were doing things differently. But I think she was definitely misused. I think Kristin was great in the first season, but as the series evolved and her character changed, that's when she didn't seem to fit anymore.

We've spoken here a lot before about how the comic version of Lana was basically split into Lana and Chloe, and I think that became a big problem as the series progressed, since Clark's relationship with Lana was based more on angst and secrets. They never became close friends, but rather distant lovers. Everything that Chloe became up until season 6 was basically what Lana was supposed to be, aside from the journalist stuff. She went from being a romantic interest, to being a close and trust worthy friend, and almost as a little sister to Clark.
This, Lana was a reporter in the comics in the silver age and a news reporter in the bronze age.

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