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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

Things I noticed the first time watching the movie

-the merc telling that one dude to walk a certain way on the ice. Then the merc having a disgusted look when the guy falls in the ice. Maybe that was a cop that went deep undercover as a merc to keep an eye on Bane and the other mercs.

- Bruce dropping the rope down the Pit. I think it was already tied up so maybe the other old prisoners got out but then where would they go?

- That big black guy merc that was asking Blake who the hell he was. really? Blake was walking around in broad daylight and yet the big black dude merc doent even know who Blake is?

- Selina and her little gal pal theif sidekick. The way they kept hanging out with each I think they were bisexual or at least the younger gal was a lesbian or something.

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