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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
She has one shot in the montage which is dominated by her in the foreground of the frame while Jen and a few others are celebrating with champagne behind her. She looked somber to what was happening as opposed to everybody else in the frame, but it ultimately passes by way too quickly and dominated by the rest of the montage and the implications of it in a wider context for me to truly invest in her change.

That is a big problem of Nolan for me. He likes to tell huge chunks of his story in montages which often serve to truncate important elements of character and story. As in, I would like to see some scenes that he devotes a single shot to become full blown scenes, specially ones that involve character. I think one elaborate scene with Selina and the rich couldn't have heart.
IMO, that's why your version would have been a bloated mess and bored the audience, and the only reason his version works with this much story to tell. The quickest and simplest way to get a point across is usually the best, and this short sequence does it beautifully without drawing it out. He didn't need an elaborate talky scene, he was able to implant the core ideas and beliefs of selina throughout many scenes and epitomize the lesson very poignantly and efficiently in one shot. This is the art of visual storytelling, which is one of the greatest tools in a director's arsenal.

Nolan never truncates important elements of character and story that serve the main story, but he does in circumstances where being more elaborate is simply a disservice to the main story and risks losing the audience. I guarantee these scenes are extended and were in the rough cuts, but the most efficient story is the best for an audience, especially in a movie this long. What you're describing is self-indulgent and bloating. It's not something the audience needs to understand the situations of the world that play to the principal story, it's repeating information the audience has already gathered, which is a way worse offense than being able to concisely get a point across. In fact, this is one of Nolan's greatest strengths as a director and as a master of visual storytelling. Ie, in BB, you could devote an entire sequence to the stethoscope scene, but he's able to get an entire idea across with a quick, silent edit.

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