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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

IMO, that's why your version would have been a bloated mess and bored the audience, and the only reason his version works with this much story to tell.
It would be a mess if we go by your mistaken belief that I would simply take what Nolan did and elongate every scene , which I wouldn't just do.

The quickest and simplest way to get a point across is usually the best
Not when it comes to characterization. Especially crucial characterization that is the start of the turning point of her character. If you are thinking "quick and simple" when it comes to characters, you are not prioritizing the characters. As Nolan has proven not to do so many times. His greatest love is plot. Not character.

He didn't need an elaborate talky scene
Talky? Who said anything about talky?

he was able to implant the core ideas and beliefs of selina throughout many scenes and epitomize the lesson very poignantly and efficiently in one shot.
Naturally I disagree. Nolan totally reduced Selina's characterization to a single verbal sentence. That is not efficient or poignant, just bad.

This is the art of visual storytelling
What visual storytelling? The one line Selina feeds us to signal her change in character?

which is one of the greatest tools in a director's arsenal.
The greatest, which I really wish Nolan used more.

Nolan never truncates important elements of character and story that serve the main story, but he does in circumstances where being more elaborate is simply a disservice to the main story and risks losing the audience.
That is a bold faced lie. He entirely skimmed over the plight of the common man in a couple of montages. Now, I've learned to accept this. Nolan ignored the people. Sure. Okay. But him neglecting Selina Kyle's characterization is a bigger issue to me.

I guarantee these scenes are extended and were in the rough cuts, but the most efficient story is the best for an audience
A hypothetical scene of paramount importance detailing her character in the middle stretch of the scene was in the movie? And he left it in the previous cuts? You do realize this isn't praise for Nolan right?

What you're describing is self-indulgent and bloating.
A proposed simple, singular, visual, character scene of Selina is self indulgent and bloating? You must hate every single character driven films ever made.

It's not something the audience needs to understand the situations of the world that play to the principal story
It's not about understanding. Of course we understand. Nolan, via Selina, tells us what is going on in Selina's mind by neat verbal exposition. What is there not to understand? A child would understand.

No. It's about feeling. Feeling her change. Something, according to the more prevalent criticism of Nolan's work, is a problem his films face constantly. His films stir the mind but not the soul, because he hardly lingers on character.

it's repeating information the audience has already gathered
Repeat? That's the one and only (poorly done) scene of Selina questioning her ideological stance. What repeat?

In fact, this is one of Nolan's greatest strengths as a director and as a master of visual storytelling.
Thanks for the laugh. Nolan is in no shape, size or form a visual master. He is a master of narrative cinema but he is only competent as an aestheist. Except this film. In this film he isn't a master of anything.

Ie, in BB, you could devote an entire sequence to the stethoscope scene, but he's able to get an entire idea across with a quick, silent edit.
Why devote an entire scene to the stethoscope? It's designed as a brief flashback. It's for Bruce's arc. Not his pop's. Cause he simply exists in flashbacks. He doesn't need an arc. Selina is a living, breathing character in real time. She is not a flashback. She has her own arc. The two can't be any more different if you tried. I am appalled by the comparison.

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