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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I'm well aware of the criticisms against Nolan's films as being too cold. But to me, TDKR was easily the most emotionally accessible and had the most heart out of any of his films so far. That's kind of why it's interesting to me that some have been so quick to call it his weakest film. I thought this movie very much did stir the soul. It stirred mine anyway. I really think he's taken amazing strides as a filmmaker from Batman Begins onward.

The fact that Nolan is able to balance an intricate plot, compelling themes, huge action and a human center, all with a very personal and specific touch is what makes him such a money director.
On top of TDKR being the movie where Nolan achieves the highest emotional resonance, it also feels like Nolan has become a better filmmaker on a technical level. There are things in this movie that I couldn't have imagined him doing his older movies. There are certain angles, editing choices, etc, that scream 'mature'.


It also feels like the movie he cared the least about, as TDKR contains some of his most amateur work. I can't imagine that he regressed in his ability, so I can only chalk it up to effort/care.

In some ways it's his best movie, in other ways it's his worst. But for me, those high highs make it worthwhile, despite all its faults, and it's why I'm so enamoured with the film and still talking about it here today.

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