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Default Re: What "style" should the Dr. Strange movie be?

Originally Posted by Orphix View Post
I think Marvel Studios tend to avoid 'auteur' directors. I can't see Del Toro, Cuaron, Gilliam being approached. The same way that Speilberg, Jackson or Tarrantino wouldn't be approached. MS just want that extra level of control that other studios and producers don't have.

Sure other studios like to have a lot of control and imput but they also want a lot of creative imput from their directors - thats why they go after certain individuals - because they have a story to tell and know who they feel could do it just.

Marvel is a brand with big characters. It's more of a toybox that directors are allowed to play with for a film or two and then its time to move on. MS, because of this brand and also because they are creating a cohesive universe, can't allow directors to have a lot of freedom.

So when considering a Dr Strange film first and foremost MS will ask 'does it fit'? Will it work with what else is going on? They certainly took that approach to the genres of phase one. Thor wasn't an epic fantasy, CA:FA wasn't a war film Hulk wasn't a psychological horror flick. They are all science fiction films with an action/adventure tone. Comic book movies basically.
Good point.
The producers of the Bond film also avoided "auteur directors" up until Mendes.
I really liked Skyfall (not to say i don't like some previous Bond films as well.) I hope Marvel tries something along those lines at some point.

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