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Okay, just read a google translated version.

What if I had seen the cameo of an actor of Superman in MAN OF STEEL ... And we had not noticed?

You know who said that Man of Steel will have the cameo of "classic Superman actor, dead or alive". Obviously this has triggered speculation from those who bet on the usual cameos (Noel Neill and Jack Larson), who believe that Annette O'Toole has built her voice in the trailer for the film, even the most dreamers who believe that would be the ultimate cameo by Christopher Reeve, and it's just a matter of finding an imaginative way to do it without that clash, but are not outdated, and without that will detract from who should have it, it is none other than Henry Cavill . I include myself among the latter.

But ... What if we already had that right under the noses cameo and we had not noticed? The idea has left me the friend Reni reviews in other news. Do you remember this video from shooting Man of Steel in Chicago and published in a post on September 14, 2011? Well, take a look back:

Do not you see anything unusual? See if this will catch something striking:

Neither?? Well, we will point directly to where we should look:

Perhaps you've been with your mouth open, as I do. But yes, indeed this man in a gray suit, brown leather briefcase, hat and I would say even with glasses, who walks into the scene (and that obviously is a plus), has exactly the same appearance as Christopher Reeve wore in Superman movies when I was like Clark Kent. Specifically, you only have to remember the beginning of Superman III, in which Chris was dressed exactly like during the opening credits. Look at this screenshot comparing:

No doubt it can be a coincidence, but ... Is not it strange that a man dressed as retro as you stroll by Metropolis XXI century? Okay you can leave a man in a suit and tie, but the detail of the cap, the portfolios and even the handkerchief in his pocket ... I see too coincidental to be coincidental. Could it be that the cameo is that Cavill is crossed with this "clone" of Clark Kent / Chris Reeve in his arrival in Metropolis? And if so, will it have any direct plane camera? Any sentence? Digitize? Christopher's face for greater blood straw? Or are we making us all crazy, and I the first?

I could not tell, but what is clear is that the resemblance is undeniable. And much doubt that Snyder has left a possible nod randomly like this.

You can discuss this news on the forum in Spanish Superman.
Actually seems pretty plausible...

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