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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Batman had just been shot wearing a suit that is susceptible to knives and gun fire. I don't think he had time to strategize a non lethal way to stop Dent. I think he acted at the last second out of desperation to save a child.
But he had time to save the Joker from dying in a very similar manner.

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
Gotham's White Knight was going to blow an innocent kid's brain out, too.
Merely used "white knight" to illustrate what should have been Batman's extreme reluctance to let Dent die. As opposed to letting the Joker die, which would have been quite a bit easier on his conscience I assume.

Originally Posted by Joss Whedon
Yeah [Coulson]ís dead. The entire television series is just a fever dream. Itís a Jacobís Ladder moment heís having at the point of death...
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