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Default Re: What Is The Last Comic You've Read - Part 1

Picked up New Crusaders # 5, TMNT : Secret History of the Foot Clan, Mars Attacks the Transformers, and Ghostbusters # 3, 13

My top two picks for this week : Mars Attacks Transformers and Ghostbusters. IDW is now my favorite independent publisher.

Mars Attacks Transformers : Great artwork, funny story. It's the G1. vs. themartian menace, and Megatron once again proves why he's such a bad ass. I highly recomend you pick up this book. It's a series of one-shots that has the Mars Attack Martians attack a different universe or franchise and it's weekly. Other titles include ;

Mars Attacks Popeye
Mars Attacks Judge Dredd
Mars Attacks Miss Fury
Mars Attacks The StarSlammers
Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters
Mars Attacks Madman
Mars attacks Robots vs. Zombies

My second pick is IDW's Ghostbusters. Great stories, and lots of hidden easter eggs and references to the movies, the cartoons, video games, and even Filmation version. Issue 13 has
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The ghostbusters fighting alongside the " rookie " from the video game, and Janine goes out on a date with her boyfriend Roger who is drawn in the image Extreme GB's Egon

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