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Default Re: What "style" should the Dr. Strange movie be?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Marvel Studios likes directors who are team players. Auteur directors all too often aren't. Personally, I think they have the right idea.
Totally agree because as it was said before they're creating a single universe that spans multiple types of films they have to have directors who are going to be on the same page together

Also I've never read a Strange comic but I remember watching the animated movie and while it had a few things it needed to fix it was a pretty good movie I think if they could find a way to translate that weird occult feeling you get from it into a PG-13 movie that would be great because let's face it it's going to have to be PG-13, they could do a dark fantasy, action/adventure with a touch of suspense and a feeling of "wow that's some of the weirdest **** I've ever seen in a comic book movie"

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