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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

From the way Joss talks about A2 being the movie that basically brings down all the superheroes I'm hoping it goes like this:
Beginning of Avengers 2 we see Hulk being a superhero then in the middle Thanos comes in starts wrecking everything then using some ability to mind control Hulk into fighting the team and possibly killing people which then leads to IM, Strange, Fury, and the Council of 12 to come to the tough decision of shooting Hulk into space to stop his rampage because they weren't able to defeat Thanos therefore leaving the Hulk still under his control but in the hands of the team and this decision could be the thing that Joss was hinting at that would shake up the team and leave them feeling defeated (along with them actually being defeated by Thanos)
Then start TIH with a 15 min recap of the Hulk storyline from A2 then lead right in to Planet Hulk and then they could explain Hulk never turning back into Banner by basically having him feel betrayed by his so called friends and he feels like it's puny Banner's fault for trusting them and therefore by not reverting back to Banner he doesn't have to worry about that
That way it would all tie in together, the audience would get a sense of Hulk being a hero in A2 and it wouldn't be too much stretch of the imagination that Hulk under the influence of Thanos loses control and destroys everything because we already saw in A1 that Hulk could lose control at any time

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