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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

Originally Posted by spidergeek232 View Post
I would love to see the Joker look like this! It would be hard to pull off, but it would be so creepy, yet awesome!

My ideal choice for the Joker:

-Michael Sheen
-Crispin Glover
-Anthony Misiano
-Tom Hiddleston
I like it, but it feels too "horror film" imo. The Devil should be seductive.
I dont know Misiano, but I like the Hiddleston suggestion.

Originally Posted by PatrickR View Post
JGL's character only exists in the Nolan films, and he's made it clear they are over. The only chance we will see a JGL Batman is if they do an Earth-1/Earth-2 styled crossover.
Welcome to the Hype.

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