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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by GregComicFan View Post
I agree with all your ideas that I put in bold

I think adding in supernatural elements like the Lazarus Pit would have worked fine in Nolan's trilogy as long as it was played straight and serious.

If Heath Leger was alive, a cameo of him in Arkham would of been great.

However, I find it implausible that if Harvey Dent was alive, he would be in Arkham as well. That would mean that Gordon employed a ton of Arkham employees, doctors, government officials, etc. to cover up Dent's true situation and to have a ton of people lie to the public and say he's dead. That's just not something as an audience member I could buy.

I don't care for Talia having a child; she could of easily just crashed the truck she was driving and had badly injured her legs, thus been unable to move and keeping fighting Batman/Gordon. The ending of TDKR would have been totally the same if Talia had just been arrested. Of all the villains Nolan used, Talia was the one that DID NOT HAVE TO DIE. Gordon could have easily slapped cuffs on her and then Batman flies away with the bomb. In fact, both Bane and Talia could of been arrested/captured and TDKR's ending would be no different.

I also agree that the 8 year gap is lame. Batman was still active during those 8 years, in my imagination. Batman kept his activities a secret.

I could also agree that Bane survived the blast from the Batpod and he was taken to a maximum security prison OUTSIDE OF GOTHAM. After all, he basically took over an entire American city. The US Government would probably come in and snatch him up; he would NOT be at a prison in Gotham but instead a US Federal Prison where he will never see the light of day.
Now, I really appreciate your indulgence.

So, to embellish upon the Dent point, I could see the funding of the secure Arkham wing being provided under the table by Wayne enterprises, and overseen by Batman himself. Obviously entirely underground, figuratively speaking. Thus explaining why: Two-Face's existence is maintained a secret, Bane's imprisonment there, (secret from even the government/presumed dead) and Joker's complete disappearance. Sort of adds to the distrusting demeanor of Bruce. He wouldnt trust the state to keep his greatest adversaries behind bars. He even went bankrupt trying to keep that fusion reactor out of criminal hands.

Whenever Gordon says Dent is dead, he means it. Dent did die that night. Two-Face is all thats left.

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