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Default Re: Superhero Film of the Year - 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by CFE View Post
Given the condition presented, "The Avengers" is the best Super Hero/Comic Book film of the year given the time it's taken to get to that point and the fun and novelty of seeing all of those characters together. That means a tremendous amount to the sub-genre of comic book adaptations itself.

That being said, I found "The Dark Knight Rises" to be the better Film.
That's the thing about the movie, they are clearly different movies.

The Dark Knight Trilogy tries to transcend the genre, while The Avengers, as Whedon's intentions, was to show the best of the genre and be fully steeped in it.

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
Spielberg wanted to ground the myth of Lincoln in reality. "I wanted to say, what if this guy actually existed? What would it be like?"

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