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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by sup101 View Post
If you adjust superman returns domestic gross it would be about 240M domestic today without 3D, without nolan name and a high interest from non fans.

MOS will easily make it to 300M domestic.

when u add in 3D, Nolan name, Every cast member in this movie have fans, superman fans and non fans seem to be intrested.This movie will get to 300M easy.And over 100M opening.
I don't know about easily making it to 300mil but I definitely feel there is some great potential if the stars align for this film.

1. Entertainment - Does the film excite and get buzz? Will it be a fun journey?
2. Nolan factor - Do the fans of TDK trilogy cross over to see MoS?
3. Reviews - Part of getting good legs for this film means it has to score well with critics.
4. Marketing - Selling it to todays audience. What will make non-Superman fans want to see this film?

There also a lot that can go wrong that could make this film perform mediocre. However it's hard to cap how well this film could do. Imo it could range anywhere from 150 mil domestic to 350 mil. Maybe more. Worldwide anywhere from 400 mil to over a billion.

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