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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

If you're after realism, then there's no way that a white, not-all-that-educated kid from Brooklyn in the forties would have been cool with black or Asian people, or a German person, for that matter.

The thing about Steve is he isn't a real person and so he doesn't have to behave in a way realistic. He behave in accordance to the whims of the people writing him, so he can be very racially tolerant and he can be the chaste romantic type.

Besides, a big theme of the first movie is that Steve doesn't change after he becomes a big, strong man. So if skinny Steve is a dude who could never get any female attention -and this is something we learn from the man himself, as well as see for ourselves- and he proclaims he's waiting for the right partner, and he he goes from that to having sex with random women, that kind of defeats the message.

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