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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by Schlosser85 View Post
Yes, racism was commonplace during the '40s, that doesn't mean every single individual person from the '40s was racist, like Bull's original post suggested.

Also casual sex was much less commonplace (at least openly). Steve "saving himself for marriage" wouldn't have been looked at as unusual at all.

Sure, plenty of soldiers got lots of action, but Steve not sleeping around wouldn't have had people going "must be gay lolz".
Given the amount of beautiful women Steve Rogers was surrounded by, then yes, there's plenty of people who would've been wondering if he was gay, cripplingly shy, a eunuch, or just blindly stupid.

I'd be willing to bet that CATWS actually addresses the question in an indirect, probably humorous manner. The issue of the "100 Year Old Virgin" is, of course, open to whatever offscreen fanfiction you care to dream up, of the G-rated or X-rated variety; but personally, I find it much easier to assume that Steve acted on at least one or two of the many opportunities he would've been presented with, as opposed to believing in some Harlequin Romance story that isn't even supported by CATFA. There's several years that pass between Steve's first encounter with Peggy and his next one; and there's no indication at all that he's moon-smitten enough by a co-worker to lock up his junk forever until he can put a ring on her finger.


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