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Default Re: Tom Welling - Clark Kent/Superman : The Man Behind The Cape

Originally Posted by ChiefOlsen! View Post
Hi ya'll!! I wanted to share this somewhere on the Smallville forums and since the video features my Tom Welling Superman figure, I thought here would be a good place!!

Me as JIMMY OLSEN in IGN's newest Episode of GEEK LOVE! Enjoy!!
That was you!

I saw it the other day and I just love that series. I could really relate, so best of luck in your search. Great Superman stuff you have btw
Originally Posted by Young Superman View Post
P.S I love your avatar, and Welling as Superman fanart SpideyVille.
Thanks. I don't think I posted the full thing on this board yet. So here it is. It's also in the style of Gary Frank's cover for the Secret Origin hardcover.

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