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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

A barrage of darts materializes from the fog. As his fellows avoid the volley in their own unique ways, Colossus simply stands resolute as the projectiles bounce harmlessly off of his metal skin.

"Good try, my friends"
, the Russian boasts, "but you must-"

Piotr's cocky quip is cut short as a half-dozen shadows rush towards he and his teammates from the mist, firing as they approach.


Colossus strides to meet one of the sentinels, grabbing the super-soldier's gun with his massive hand and crushing it beyond use. With his free hand, Piotr swings at the armored attacker, but the man nimbly ducks under the wild strike, sending a fist into Piotr's gut that actually lifts him off of his feet, if only for a second.

"Svyatoye derʹmo! I felt that one!"

Piotr head butts the soldier, the blow sending the sentinel stumbling backward. But before Colossus can press the attack, another sentinel from his flank tackles him, taking them both down to the ground and smashing the butt of his rifle into Colossus' face hard enough to shatter the weapon's stock...

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