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Default Re: Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns?

For me personally, I've just never really gotten into Batman Beyond. I just never cared for Terry as a character, and in my mind, the only reasonable successor to Batman is Dick. I really wish he would've just stayed Batman in the comics and leave it at that, it's the only scenario that ever made sense for me, for Dick to graduate from Nightwing into Batman. He's the only character I feel has ever been capable of embodying that spirit in terms of ability & experience.

DKR is also my favorite Batman story of all, so I'm somewhat partial. In particular the resolution to Batman's relationship with the Joker is the only way I could ever see it ending, as well as Bruce's own strategy to alleviate himself completely of the "Wayne persona" and travel underground to train and develop an army to continue the fight.

Technically, if Batman Beyond were to continue from where DKR ends (and erasing DK Strikes Again) and Terry was one of those underground trainees that rises to the top of the food chain, it would work much better, at least for me.

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