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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by night0205 View Post
Distancing themselves from something is completely different then cutting a movie from a franchise. Again contradictions are throughout all movies, to say that Origins: Wolverine is not apart of the franchise because of that is ridiculous. First Class made more contradictions then anything else, and people don't mind because it was a better film, but now the sequel is directly connecting the new and old actors so this tells me that ALL the x-men movies are canon and apart of the series.
i have an idea.

remember in first class they introduce somebody named stryker? i think that in DOFP they could reintroduce a young william stryker played by a different actor and a young jason stryker.

lets say that in xmen DOFP - wolverine, storm and colossus are on a sentinel mission. wolverine dies like he does in the comic in the future.

then they decide to send ellen page back to the past. and she encounters "bone claws" wolverine at some point. this is the same wolverine with the foul mouth from the first class cameo. this is a great way to connect DOFP to The Wolverine.

she pleads with the bone claws wolverine to help them stop the preventable event and he initially refuses but decides join up and help.

and during the final battle bone claws wolverine gets his bone claws damaged and crushed up badly.

and after ellen page returns to the future -- william stryker sees logan's potential and make him an offer he can't refuse. so he decides to join stryker's elite special ops force.

and william stryker takes his son jason to the school hoping that James McAvoy verison of xavier can help "cure" his son.

this would be a great way to erase the memory of orgins.

this way orgins can be seen as a different (horrible) intepretation of wolverine's past.

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