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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Yep; I believe he originally underwent months of training to prepare himself for the flying scenes, whether it was practicing on harnesses or swimming in order to get the postures right.

They even filmed a lot of scenes of him flying in front of the green screen but from what I heard, Singer decided to not use them later on and replaced it with the CGI doubles.

On another note:

Stakes are high for "Man of Steel." Other than Nolan's Batpics, Warners has not been able to effectively exploit the DC library. Its 2011 "Green Lantern" underperformed, and a "Justice League" film wouldn't likely be in theaters before 2015, as Warner's top brass has indicated that they are awaiting the results of "Man of Steel," which opens June 14, before moving further ahead.


The irony in all of this is that whether MOS succeeds or not, it seems like we won't get a MOS sequel right away or at least one before a JLA film happens since if MOS succeeds..then off to JLA..and if it doesn't succeed..then no JLA or MOS sequel.
yeah I'd be pissed if I had done all that training for flying scenes and then poof...all the scenes that i filmed weren't even used. I'd be upset...

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