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Default Re: The Prequel Trilogy General Discussion and Appreciation Thread

Terrence Stamp, who played Chancellor Valorum in STAR WARS: EPISODE I- THE PHANTOM MENACE, recently spoke with Empire about his experience working with George Lucas.

"We didn't get on at all. I didn't rate him that much as a director, really. I didn't feel like he was a director of actors; he was more interested in stuff and effects. He didn't interest me and I wouldn't think I interested him. I came all the way back from Australia to do it. I didn't want to but my agent leaned on me and I wanted to meet Natalie Portman because I'd seen her in The Professional. And I did meet her and she was absolutely enchanting. But on the day I'm supposed to do my scene with her, for which I'd travelled halfway around the world, I said, 'Where's Natalie?' And George says, 'That's Natalie,' and points to a bit of paper on the wall. It was just boring."

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